Macgo iPhone Cleaner


Clean your iPhone's memory and protect your privacy at the same time


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If your iPhone is slower and taking too long to launch your apps or browse the web properly, this might be happening because you have lots of files stored on its memory, taking the space the device needs to perform optimally.

To completely clean your smartphone and make sure it starts working well again, Macgo offers a useful tool its team has developed, which lets you improve your device's performance while you protect your privacy against any possible threat that could access your smartphone.

Macgo iPhone Cleaner has a simple interface that's organized in two modules; one that shows all the apps that are installed on the iPhone, and another that displays all the content that's saved on the device's memory, including hidden folders and browsing data. The app takes a few minutes to scan all the content and analyze which apps are taking the most space.

Once Macgo iPhone Cleaner is done scanning, it tells you how much space you could recover if you clean your smartphone's memory. You can either clean the entire system, or just delete the apps that are taking a lot of space. Macgo iPhone Cleaner helps you recover space on your iPhone's memory, and improve its speed at the same time.

The trial version has limited features

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